Hello! My name is Fikha Adelia from Indonesia, a Visual Art student. (^__^)

Here is my thinking journey!

  1. In the beginning, I was assigned to racial group G, but in the middle of the project, I realized how it is not really common to talk about racial conflict in Indonesian daily lives although we live in a multi-ethnic society. (not because we didn't have any tragic history that was related to racial conflicts, nor because there is a taboo to talk about it), but it is just so-so in here, and generally Indonesian would enjoy a more relatable and lighter topic. We cannot deny that it is a heavy topic that needs a lot of resources and knowledge, which would be pretty difficult to collect the data through a survey (since I believe survey will be much faster and efficient to collect). → choosing methods!
  2. Then, I looked at the Ready To Go subtopics from CCDL and had my interest first on Meet and Greet on Pandemic, but I changed it again to Nutrition/Foods because it will be easier to collect and truly at the heart of many people across culture.
  3. In the era of conflicts, I think one of the strongest tools for peacebuilding is through culture (soft diplomacy), especially cuisines. I want to know how people perceive their local culture and foreign culture, from what (what is the food) to how (the way of eating). For example, Indonesians were colonized by the Japanese, but now many of us celebrate Japanese culture, from their anime to their cuisines. → Subtopic, and a backstory of why it was chosen

What will your final data visualisation be about? Which answers does it give? Which curiosities does it satisfy?

I focus on the question about whether people like their local cuisine more or foreign cuisine more, why, and the experience of eating in each of their cultures. I want to see:

  1. The similarities

  2. The differences

  3. How foods and the way of eating migrate and how is the recipient at other places—does the origin of foods really matter? (should I have linked it to nationality or identity? However, I forgot to put this as one of the answer—for example, "I like local foods because it is part of my identity") (should I make a flow/connection map?)

  4. Personalities of the people (like trying new cuisine)

  5. Cultures: Taboos, feast days, etc.

Target: People across culture! HEHE. I always have a keen on migration and peacebuilding, and culture plays an essential role in it. However, I need to choose people who will want to read this data the most, so I'll choose my friends (20s-30s youngsters), which will lead to how I visualize the data and the color picks.


Sadly, I'm doing this alone, but thank you to Lotte for giving me feedbacks for the survey! I'm so sorry for not using several opportunities to get feedbacks that had been given before. I just realized that we can team up and I'm too shy to ask for partners. It's Week 13 already.